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Robbery suspect's Facebook name: 'Willie Sutton Jr'

After a series of bank robberies, police examine the Facebook page of Jesse Hippolite, who suddenly changes his Facebook profile name to "Willie Sutton Jr," presumably an homage to the famous bank robber. Hippolite is charged with three bank heists.

The history of those who use Facebook to make themselves seem a little bigger, a little more glamorous is growing longer.

Soon, no doubt, there will be a TV show called "Outrageous Facebook Stories," in which those who did crazy things on Facebook will tell their stories. It will probably be on Fox or VH1.

One of those featured might, one day, be Jesse Hippolite.

The way the Smoking Gun has fired it up, Hippolite, a 23-year-old New Yorker, came under the suspicion of the police after bank employees gave them the partial license plate of a getaway car after a bank heist.

Being servants of the social interest, the police began monitoring Hippolite's Facebook page. Hippolite had, presumably, found Facebook's privacy settings of little interest. Those things are still tough to find anyway.

In their regular readings of Hippolite's Facebook musings, police reportedly found such thought bubbles as "I Gotta Get That $$$$$ Man!!!!" and the perhaps unfortunate "Crime pays my bills!"

Willie Sutton Jr.'s Facebook profile picture. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It was on July 29, however, that Hippolite decided his Facebook profile needed a little undercover identity. So he reportedly changed his Facebook name to "Willie Sutton Jr."

Some might admire his enthusiasm for his apparent hero, a man who enjoyed a 40-year career of bank robbery but did, sadly, spend half of his life in jail.

The thing about the original Willie Sutton is that he robbed banks in disguise. Perhaps Hippolite might have believed that "Willie Sutton Jr." was a fine disguise.

But he has been arrested for robberies at three Brooklyn branches of Chase and is a suspect in another 16 bank heists that all had a similar modus operandi--in this case, allegedly handing a note to the cashier that read: "GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY OR ELSE EVERYBODY DIES!!! $100s $50s $20s ONLY."

It may not have helped Hippolite's ultimate cause that his profile picture shows him holding what seems like a plethora of $100 bills.

Oddly, Hippolite's favorite quotation, according to his Facebook page, is this: "I'd rather have people hate me for being who I am than to have them love me for who I am not."

Some might wish to remind him at this stage that he appears not to be Willie Sutton Jr.

Others might merely wonder: "Oh, what would have happened if he'd changed his profile name to Mother Teresa. Or Lloyd Blankfein."