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Rob Lowe faces the Sky falling in 'You, Me & The Apocalypse'

The star-studded armageddon adventure will air on Sky and NBC.

Actor Rob Lowe on stage at the 2014 Breakthrough Prizes Awarded in Fundamental Physics and Life Sciences Ceremony. Steve Jennings/Getty Images for MerchantCantos

It's the end of the world as we know it, and Sky feels fine: the UK broadcaster has announced further details of all-star armageddon drama "You, Me & The Apocalypse", coming this year to Sky and NBC.

Originally known as "Apocalypse Slough", the new show is the latest outing from UK satellite broadcaster Sky with a cast that should make it marketable in the US and elsewhere. US stars Rob Lowe from "Parks and Recreation", Jenna Fischer from "The Office" and Megan Mullally from "Will & Grace" join UK stars Mathew Baynton from "Horrible Histories", Joel Fry from "Game of Thrones" and Pauline Quirke from "Birds of a Feather".

The series sees a comet locked on a collision course with Earth, locking an eclectic group of people around the world onto a collision course with a bunker beneath the unremarkable English town of Slough (best known as the setting for the original BBC version of "The Office" and poet John Betjeman's "friendly bombs").

Lowe plays the Vatican's most rebellious priest, while Fischer -- Pam in the US version of "The Office" -- is a mild-mannered librarian who ends up in a maximum security prison where she meets Mullally's unhinged white supremacist. The writers include Sarah Dollard, who has written episodes of "Doctor Who", "Merlin", "Primeval" and "Neighbours".

The globe-trotting nature of the story marks a trend for programmes that are designed to appeal to audiences all around the world, so it can be sold to various countries and potentially enjoy a second life on Netflix or other internationally available on-demand services. The eclectic cast calls to mind the recent Netflix-produced " Sense8", which involves eight characters linked by mysterious phenomena who are each located in different countries around the globe.

Earlier this year, Sky's Arctic thriller "Fortitude" boasted an all-star cast and was broadcast on Pivot in the US at the same time as it was broadcast in the UK. That show's overseas appeal was boosted by the casting of American movie star Stanley Tucci and Sofie Gråbøl, star of the internationally popular Danish drama "The Killing".

Sky is also the home of Marvel comics supremo Stan Lee's new show, "Lucky Man", coming later this year. And the UK broadcaster is planning to co-produce new programmes with American cable broadcaster HBO, home of "The Sopranos", "The Wire" and "Band of Brothers". The broadcaster's US-focused channel Sky Atlantic has an exclusive deal with HBO to show new series such as "Girls", "True Detective" and "Game of Thrones" in the UK.

"You, Me and the Apocalypse" is expected to be broadcast at some point after September on Sky 1 in the UK and NBC in the US.