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Roadmaster scrolling LEDs enable artistic license

Roadmaster announces scrolling messaging system for cars.

Now you have an alternative to your programmable VW bumper sticker if you want to communicate digitally with other road users. Roadmaster has unveiled two scrolling LED message systems that enable drivers to program up to 99 preset messages and five user-edited messages to share with other drivers. The system comes in two models: the Roadmaster Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame, and the Scrolling Rear Deck Message System, which sits on the car's parcel shelf; both are priced at $69.

Preset words and phrases can be called up using numbers on the systems' TV-like remote controls. According to Roadmaster, stock messages include "help me," "slow down," "turning left," and "your lights aren't working". For more creative souls, the displays can be used to show off your favorite aphorism, sports-team message, or greeting. To ensure that the latter remain decent, Roadmaster has fitted the systems with a "profanity filter", which displays a select number of words as ****.

This seems a little prudish to us: I mean, come on, how the **** are you supposed tell other drivers what you really want to say?