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Road Trip pic of the day, 7/25: What and where?

This image is related to birds. But that's all the help I'm giving. Know what it is? If you're the first to email me the right answer, you'll win a prize.

Know what this is? Be the first person to e-mail the correct answer and you'll win a prize in the Road Trip picture of the day challenge.
Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Update (Monday, 10:18 a.m.): The answer is the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Falconry Heritage Wing at the Archives of Falconry at the World Center for Birds of Prey, in Boise, Idaho.

MEDICINE BOW MOUNTAINS, Wyo.--It's getting close to the end of Road Trip 2009, so there are only a few more opportunities for me to stump you with my picture of the day challenge.

So far, pretty much all of the challenges have been solved in less than an hour. Some of them haven't even lasted 10 minutes. And while I'm tempted to feel that's because I'm not making these hard enough, I think it's actually testament to your widespread collective knowledge.

But for today's challenge, I think I might have something that will take you a little longer to figure out. On the other hand, the harder it is, the less people participate. So I'll give you a hint.

This picture, taken along the way during Road Trip 2009--don't think chronologically, which has helped some people solve some of the challenges--has something to do with birds.

If you are the first person to tell me where this picture was taken and what it's about--both the city and the place--you'll win a prize. (Write to me by e-mail at daniel--dot--terdiman--at--cnet--dot--com).

Good luck. As always, I'm sure someone will prove that even the hardest challenge isn't that hard if you've been to the place in the picture, or if you're a wizard with search terms.

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