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Road Trip 2008 hits 1,000 miles

After trips to Disney World, a Lockheed Martin military simulation facility, the landing of the Space Shuttle and more, my mileage hits four figures.

Daniel Terdiman Former Senior Writer / News
Daniel Terdiman is a senior writer at CNET News covering Twitter, Net culture, and everything in between.
Daniel Terdiman
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Somewhere near the town of Good Hope, Ala., my odometer for Road Trip 2008 hit 1,000 miles exactly. Road Trip 2007 clocked 4,891 miles. Daniel Terdiman/CNET News.com

GOOD HOPE, Ala.--Somewhere along Interstate 65, on my way to Huntsville, Ala., the home of Space Camp, I hit exactly 1,000 miles of driving since Road Trip 2008 began.

I'm sure that there will be many more of these milestones, since I still have many, many more places to visit on this trip, and since last year's trip clocked 4,891 miles.

Still, I love to commemorate these round numbers, so bear with me.

It's been a busy 1,000 miles. Over the last week, Road Trip 2008 has taken me to a wide variety of places.

I spent parts of several days at Disney World, including a visit to the Animal Kingdom, and another to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot Center's greenhouse project.

I spent a day backstage at La Nouba, the Cirque du Soleil's Disney World show, and then I moved onto more serious matters: A Lockheed Martin military simulation facility. As well, I toured Adacel's Orlando, Fla., headquarters, where I was shown some of the latest technology for helping air-traffic controllers be more efficient at their jobs.

Toward the end of the week, I visited Kennedy Space Center, both for a series of tours of different elements of that gigantic facility and then to watch the landing of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

The view of the lush green surroundings alongside I-65 that was out the window of the Subaru Outback I am driving on Road Trip 2008 Daniel Terdiman/CNET News.com

Last night, I spent the evening in the gorgeous river town of Savannah, Ga. And now, I have stopped in Huntsville so that I can spend the day at Space Camp On Monday.

And then, well, it's on to the next 1,000 miles.

Stay tuned to Road Trip 2008, by following this blog, as well as my Twitter feed and my Qik channel.