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Ring Clock wants to give time the finger

The Ring Clock Indiegogo project aims to relocate your watch from your wrist to your finger.

Ring Clock
Watch them put a ring on it.
Ring Clock

Your future smartwatch may have some company from the Ring Clock, an Indiegogo project that's gearing up to create a unique finger-worn timepiece made from stainless steel and LEDs. When you rotate the ring, the time is displayed.

The Ring Clock is still somewhat in concept form, though the production timeline calls for a prototype to be finished by the end of this year, if the fixed-funding campaign reaches its $287,500 goal. If all goes according to plan, production would begin by the spring of 2014.

The unusual form factor does create some issues. The battery will have to be non-standard in order to fit. Unless the designers can come up with a clever way to make it replaceable, your watch will become just a piece of jewelry after about three years.

The Ring Clock is priced at around $200. That includes a wireless Qi charging pad, which is also used to set the time.

With wearable technology on the rise, it's easy to see the appeal of an unusual piece like the Ring Clock. If you have the cash and are willing to live with the limited life-span, it would certainly be an attention-getting alternative to a wristwatch.

Ring Clock on hand
The Ring Clock will make a statement on your finger. Ring Clock