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RIM's service delays may continue

Subscribers to Research In Motion's wireless paging network who have been experiencing service delays may still face them sporadically in the near future.

Subscribers to Research In Motion's wireless paging network who have faced service delays may still experience them sporadically in the near future, the company said Thursday.

The delays in sending and receiving e-mail since late last week are the result of the dramatic growth in subscribers and a planned upgrade, RIM's Marketing Director Mark Guibert said. No messages were lost, he added.

"The recent tremendous growth taxed the network, but only in certain areas and only at certain times," Guibert said. "The issues seemed to have moved from Manhattan to most recently the West Coast, mirroring the concentration of our users."

A backlog of messages in the network has continued to cause congestion for now. Guibert called it a "catching up sort of thing." He added that with the upgrade he did not expect further delays.

The company knew problems due to growth were on the horizon, Guibert said, and it was coincidental that they occurred just before the scheduled upgrade. The network upgrade had been planned for some time and occurred early Wednesday when traffic was expected to be at a low point, he said.

The Canada-based company did warn corporate customers of the upgrade by contacting IT managers, who were responsible for passing on the word, Guibert said.