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RIM needles Apple on tablet browser speeds

In a video posted to its YouTube channel, RIM shows what the PlayBook in a situation that seems to show its tablet smoking the iPad in browser tests, but do you buy it?

We're not saying Research In Motion's PlayBook tablet has a better browser than Apple's iPad (after all, it hasn't come out yet). We're just saying that RIM is saying its tablet has a better, or at least faster, browser. Surprised? We're not.

In a video posted Monday on RIM's official BlackBerry YouTube channel, the PlayBook and the iPad are placed side-by-side. Then Matthew, a member of the browser group at RIM, takes the tablets to the same sites on the same connection at the same time. The PlayBook appears to load the first site, a soccer site, notably faster than the iPad. Next up, he takes the tablets to CBS.com (hey, that's us!) and notes that the PlayBook runs Flash. Oh yes he did!

But it should be noted that this is RIM showing off its browser in what's almost certainly a best case scenario for the PlayBook; we can't tell what the exact environment is, so we're not calling this one for RIM or Apple, we're just saying that RIM is getting all up in Apple's grill, meaning that this tablet war might get entertainingly ugly. At least on video.

Of course, when the PlayBook comes out in the first quarter of next year, we'll be getting our hands on it for all sorts of tests of our own.