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Rihanna debuts 'Sledgehammer' music video, confirms Trekkie status

In an interview promoting her song on the "Star Trek: Beyond" soundtrack, the popstar confesses her love for Star Trek.

Rihanna is a proud, self-proclaimed Trekkie.

The superstar songstress has a song on the "Star Trek: Beyond" soundtrack and made a really big deal about its music video -- literally. The video treatment for "Sledgehammer" was the first to debut in Imax.

Available to stream on Tidal and Vevo, the music video for the emotional and haunting power ballad (co-written by Sia) is appropriately moody. It features an eyebrowless Rihanna in Star Trek-inspired face paint roaming around a colorful Mars-like planet. It's old-school stylings are reminiscent of the original Star Trek series, where makeup and costuming were low-budget and simple.

Rihanna dishes about her lifelong Star Trek fandom.

GIF by Xiomara Blanco/CNET

In a short interview promoting the song, Rihanna shares that her dad introduced her to Star Trek when she was a little girl; she was hooked after one episode. RiRi's been a fan ever since and was honored to contribute to the upcoming movie's soundtrack.

She loves the franchise so much, she said, she'd do anything for Star Trek -- "musicwise" she quickly clarifies. (I never saw Battleship, but I'm sure she could pull off being cast as Uhura's badass sister.)

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