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Riding the wave of tech: GPS-equipped surfboard concept

Designer Marco Torres dreams up a surfboard concept with built-in GPS and radio.

Surf Radio concept
Surf Radio concept

I surf, but I'm really bad at it, which is part of the reason I often surf alone (that, and I enjoy the solitude of it). And while I surf in places where there are a lot of other surfers, it's probably not the safest thing. Someone should know where you are, and we know Mother Nature can be a moody lady; weather conditions and currents can change on a dime. You can always prepare before paddling out, but what about once you're in the water? Well, Lenartstudios has an idea: a surfboard with a built-in GPS and radio. It would allow two-way communication between surfers and could pinpoint your location in case of emergencies. In addition, the radio would allow you to get current weather and current conditions via an onboard display. Now usually, I'd be skeptical of schlepping any sort of tech with me out in the water--takes away from the whole experience, in my opinion--but this could actually be quite useful for safety reasons. For now, the surfboard is only a concept. Now, if they could only throw in radar for those big fishies in the sea with sharp teeth.