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Rick and Morty fans have a bad rep, but this may change your mind

The show's fans aren't all who you might think.


"Rick and Morty" isn't just an animated TV show, it's a cultural phenomenon of sorts -- and not always in a good way. Remember how fans went crazy in real life for the limited-edition McDonald's Szechuan sauce packets (long story), or that time they doxxed and harassed the show's female writers online? 

(Series co-creator Dan Harmon said those fans were part of a "a testosterone-based subculture patting themselves on the back for trolling these women.")

But as you'd expect, that doesn't describe all of the show's fans, not by a long shot. For the past six months, 40 percent of Rick and Morty's streaming online fans have been women, and another 40 percent enjoy "serious, heart-wrenching dramas" like The Handmaid's Tale -- which just got nominated for five more Emmy awards -- and This Is Us.

That's according to Hulu, which currently has exclusive streaming rights to the show -- so it's definitely possible fans elsewhere have different demographics. But still.

Rick and Morty recently went back into production for a fourth season after being renewed for 70 more episodes.