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Revolights: Ditch your bike lights for wheel LEDs

Revolights takes a ring of LEDs and sticks them on your bicycle wheels. The Kickstarter project will let you dump those clunky old headlights and pedal in style.

Big wheel keep on turning. LEDs keep on burning. Revolights

There are fun discoveries galore on Kickstarter, but not all projects end up successfully funded. Revolights, a new way of lighting your bicycle at night, has already topped its $43,500 goal by almost $100,000.

When investors are throwing that much money at a concept, it's worth a look. Revolights uses rings of LEDs attached to your bicycle wheels to replace the common headlight.

The LEDs shine white light on the forward wheel and red light on the back. A magnet tracks speed and orientation to control the lights. The LEDs zip around the entire tire when stationary, making your bike hard to miss at night, whether you're rolling or not.

Revolights are bright enough to light up your path while also screaming, "Bicycle!" to any car approaching from your side.

The first batch of Revolights are designed for 700 series road and hybrid rims. A battery charge will get you through four hours of riding time.

Pledge $200 on Kickstarter and you'll get a set of Revolights with an anticipated delivery date of March 2012. The final retail price is expected to be $220.

Can you see me now? Revolights

(Via Technabob)