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Review: LG BD300 puts Netflix and Blu-ray in one box

CNET reviews the LG BD300, the first Blu-ray player with built-in Netflix support.

Even for home theater fans, standalone Blu-ray players can be pretty boring. There are some major differences between the players, such as what Blu-ray Profile they support, but you rarely see any new or standout features.

The LG BD300 is different in this regard, as it's the first Blu-ray player that is Netflix-Internet-streaming-ready. It allows you to stream content available on Netflix's "Watch Now" service directly from the player to the TV, which is much more convenient than watching it on your computer.

Netflix aside, the BD300 is also a pretty solid Blu-ray player, although it lacks some extras like onboard DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and multichannel analog audio outputs. The short story is that the BD300 packs both Blu-ray and Netflix into a single compelling package, but you can find a better standalone Blu-ray player if you don't care about Netflix.

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