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Review: Klipsch Custom earphones

Donald Bell reviews the Klipsch Custom 2 and Custom 3 earphones.

Photo of Klipsch Custom 2 and Custom 3 earphones.
The Klipsch Custom line delivers glorious sound for your oddly shaped ears. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

While Jasmine was busy freaking out over the Klipsch Image X5 earphones last week, I found myself bouncing back and forth between the company's line of professional earphones: the Klipsch Custom 2 and Klipsch Custom 3.

Unlike the lightweight and delicate design of the Image series, the Custom series is built for abuse. The earphones include dual-balanced armatures, braided cloth cables, five pairs of ear tips, flex wire ear fittings, and a zip-up softshell case.

Quality doesn't come cheap, however. The Custom 2s cost $199 and the Custom 3s will set you back $299. But are they worth it? You'll need to read our reviews to find out.

Read the reviews of the Klipsch Custom 2 and the Klipsch Custom 3 earphones.