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Review: HP 2709m

The HP 2709m. The choice is yours.

Yes, the stickers at the top can be removed.
Josh P. Miller/CNET

A couple weeks back I reviewed the 25.5-inch HP w2558hc, which I still believe is pound for pound, one of the best values for a monitor out there. Soon after my review, HP released the 27-inch 2709m.

Also, I talked a little about this last week when I showed off some photos of the 2709m.

Now the real question is which of these two HPs is worth your hard-earned (I assume) cash? As with any product, that will depend on what exactly our needs are and what either of these are providing. Check out CNET's full review to see which team I chose. Team 25.5 or team 27 and 16:9.

Check out the review to discover which team you'd rather play for. Also, all new monitor reviews can always be found here.