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Review: DLO HomeDock HD, last of a dying breed?

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell offers his review of the DLO HomeDock HD for Apple's iPod MP3 player.

You don't see many iPod video docks these days--and for good reason. Starting in 2007, Apple locked down video accessory support for the iPod, while simultaneously releasing a product that made such accessories arguably obsolete: the Apple TV.

Photo of the DLO HomeDock HD.
Click for a photo gallery of the DLO HomeDock HD. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Even in their heyday, iPod video accessories have always been a tough sell due to the inherent limitations of iPod video resolution. The boom in high-definition TV sales over the past few years hasn't helped the cause either. Upscaled or not, who wants to watch the iPod's default 320x240 video resolution on their 40-inch plasma TV?

DLO's HomeDock HD makes a valiant effort to pull the iPod video dock back from the brink of extinction, offering HDMI output, iPod Touch support, an RF remote with a 75-foot range, and built-in video upscaling. Too bad it costs $30 more than an Apple TV and is only half as useful. I mean, if the point is to get your iTunes media library on your high definition TV, why not cut out the go-between (the iPod), save some money, and get the added benefit of hard drive storage and media streaming?

To be fair, there is a market for the DLO HomeDock HD: folks who aren't wired for Wi-Fi or Ethernet (I sometimes have to remind myself these people exist) or have standard definition televisions not supported by Apple TV. Maybe I'm crazy, but that doesn't sound like a consumer who's ready to throw $250 on an AV iPod dock.

To find out more, read my full review of the DLO HomeDock HD over on CNET Reviews.