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Revenge on a cheating lover? Mess with her Netflix

A man, or perhaps a boy, claims to have altered his ex's Netflix recommendations via a series of movie ratings in order to help her understand just how much she wronged him.

If you have ever been wronged in love, you know there are ways of making those who have crossed you cross.

You can cut up their clothes and hang them from the flagpole of your local town hall. You can send worldwide e-mails suggesting that they have additional body parts not visible to the casual observer. Or you can attempt to truly mess with their heads by getting into their Netflix accounts, and playing with their movie likes and dislikes.

We are, as Mark Zuckerberg might mumble into his pillow late at night, what we like. So who cannot believe that the Reddit poster Contra3 truly chose the path of Netflix humiliation for an alleged love gone awry?

I am grateful to the folks at Switched who have twisted my imagination into another realm at the idea that someone would toy with the Netflix movie ratings of a cheating lover, until "Two Can Play At That Game" becomes one of her recommended movies.

Here is the whole host of hurt. Contra3/reddit

Love is more underhanded than a stereotypical insurance salesman. It can cause you physical and mental pain, just when you least expect.

But some might be concerned that Contra3 appears to have endured such discomfort that he made "Indecent Proposal" pop up as a suggestion. Oh, and then there's "Whore," a movie that somehow manages to feature both Ron Jeremy and Rumer Willis.

Naturally, there will be those who, like myself, have become so vexed by the vicious vicissitudes of life that they will worry that this story is, like all the movies on this recommendation list (yes, even "Bambi"), fiction.

But perhaps there might be those out in the beyond of blueness who themselves have attempted to communicate their own anguish via manipulation of the Netflix recommendation algorithm.

Please come into my office, lie down on the chaise longue over there in the corner, and tell us of your movie madness.