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Retro watch would be perfect for video

Vestal's "Emery" is just for time, but its design would be perfect for MP4s or TV.

Vestal Watch

As nifty as the concept might be, video watches have yet to catch fire on the mass consumer market, despite a few models with rapidly falling prices. Some manufacturers have tried to dress them up a bit, which is a definite improvement over the Soviet-looking standard issues of the first generation, but maybe they're trying too hard.

Why not, for example, just make it look like an old TV set? Vestal Watch's "Emery" is actually inspired by '60s-era radios and stereos, but console TV sets didn't look a whole lot different from them anyway in those days, except for the bulbous screen. GeekAlerts notes that it's oversized--which seems like an understatement, judging by the photo--but that's not necessarily a bad thing because video-watch makers are trying to make their screens bigger anyway.

Even if we eventually get OLED TVs that wrap around the wrist, something like this may find a place in the insufferable retro-chic marketplace.