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Find out what the Internet named a baby girl

A dad builds out a site to help name his baby daughter. Now she's born and the official name has been unveiled. And it's actually not weird at all.

This isn't Amelia, but we assume she's similarly happy. ESTHARNIV

Stephen McLaughlin had a crazy idea. He decided to let the Internet vote on baby names for his unborn daughter. This was an enterprise fraught with peril. After all, the Internet is the same place that thought up Goatse and made Rebecca Black a star. Not to mention that whole Justin Bieber/YouTube thing.

McLaughlin used his Reddit account to send out a plea for name ideas and votes using a site he built called Naturally, things got a little nutty as random Internet users offered up gems like "Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin" and "Streetlamp Le' Moose McLaughlin."

Wisely, McLaughlin made it clear that he and his wife had veto power. There was one name that often contended for the top spot that was neither embarrassing nor weird: "Amelia." The popularity of that perfectly normal name can likely be traced to recent "Doctor Who" companion Amelia Pond.

The baby was born on April 7, but the parents waited a bit to let the Internet know about the final chosen name. Finally, we got the big reveal. The baby is called Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin. There's not a single "Slagathor" or "Megatron" to be found. "Cthulhu" is also sadly absent, despite being a heavily voted-on frontrunner for much of the process.

It seems the experiment was at least a partial success. "Amelia" stuck. That means the little tyke is pretty much destined to grow up to be "Doctor Who" fan. Plus, she'll always have the story of how she narrowly escaped being named Stormageddon Salad McLaughlin.