Rest your weary head in a Mega Man helmet and pillow

Mega Man fans can snooze in style with a soft blue helmet and Mega Buster arm cannon designed for retro gaming nap time.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Mega Man pillow
Get some Mega Man down time. Capcom

Cosplay has never been so comfy as with the plush Mega Man helmet and arm cannon set. It's a costume and a pillow. Velcro the helmet to your head and lay down with your noggin on the soft Mega Buster. If you're lucky, you'll dream in a side-scroll.

We've seen plenty of pillows that will earn you stares if you use them out in public (I'm looking at you, Ostrich Pillow). This definitely falls into that category, but you get the added cache of retro gaming awesomeness. Some people will look at you, wondering what planet you came from. Others will want to give you a high five to your cannon arm and inquire about your high score.

When you're not napping in your cozy Mega Man outfit, you can use the cannon to take out bad guy Robot Masters. You'll stand a chance if they also come in plush. Just use your imagination. Marshal all your skill, and you may be able to confront Dr. Wily. Once that's done, you can take another nap.

The Mega Man pillow set is available to pre-order for about $60 from Capcom's Japanese site. That may sound like a lot for a pillow, but you'll be the cuddliest android around. Unfortunately, those sweet Mega Man boots aren't available in a matching plush.

(Via Comics Alliance)