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'Resident Evil' TV show to bring more zombies into your homes

After a series of movies based on the "Resident Evil" series of zombie-fighting games, German production house Constantin Film is bringing "Resident Evil" to a TV set near you.

The 'Resident Evil' movies were filled with plenty of good zombie-killing action. Will the TV series be more of the same? Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

"Resident Evil" will be the next zombie series to take over your television, according to a report from Variety on Sunday.

The fifth and final movie in the zombie series, "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter," is currently in preproduction stages. Once "The Final Chapter" makes its way to the silver screen, German production House Constantin Film will begin work on a TV adaptation of the series.

We don't know much else about the series other than it will eventually get made, so we have more questions than answers at this point. Will the TV series follow the characters and plot lines from the games more closely, or will they try to bank on the success of shows like AMC's excellent "The Walking Dead"? Will the enemies feature creatures of nightmare like Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 or the U3 from Resident Evil 4, or will they be the more run-of-the-mill zombies in most zombie TV shows?

We'll know more in 2016, when "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" is expected to land in theaters.

(Via Mashable)