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Reports: Intel to skip Vista upgrade

In another blow to the maligned operating system, Intel plans to skip a widescale Vista deployment, according to two reports.

For any given release of Windows, there are companies that choose to skip it. But when the company is Intel, it's a big deal.

Following a report Monday on the Inquirer, the New York Times reported Wednesday that Intel's IT department "found no compelling case" for upgrading. Ouch.

And that's despite the fact that it's been nearly seven years since XP debuted. It's not a good thing, if your customers are electing to stick with 7-year-old technology. (In fairness, XP did get a fairly big update with Windows XP Service Pack 2, but even that is four years old at this point.)

Microsoft, which once predicted businesses would adopt Vista at twice the rate they moved to XP, has scaled back its ambitions and these days talks a lot about how long the adoption curve is for businesses when it comes to new operating systems.