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Reporters' Roundtable: What the iPad means for Apple (podcast)

The iPad. Perhaps you've heard of it. On this week's Roundtable, we talk about what the iPad means to Apple as a company and the tech industry at large.

The iPad. Perhaps you've heard of it. Now there are hundreds, maybe thousands of posts and podcasts up about this product, and whether it's worth buying, and what's with the stupid name. But for this podcast I have two smart guests with me with whom I want to step a bit beyond these immediate concerns and talk about what the iPad means to Apple as a company, and the tech industry at large.

First, Peter Burrows, senior writer for BusinessWeek. He's covered Apple since 1995, starting with a cover story on the company's near-demise called "Fall of an American Icon" to a story earlier this month entitled "Google vs. Apple: Why They Can't Be Friends?" He also wrote "Backfire: Carly Fiorina's High-Stakes Battle for the Soul of Hewlett-Packard" in 2003. Peter, thanks for joining us. (See Peter's blog, Byte of the Apple)

Also in the studio with us, Donald Bell, CNET senior editor for MP3 and Digital Audio, author of MP3 Insider, and podcaster on our show of the same name.

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Reporters' Roundtable #18: What the iPad means to Apple

Show notes and talking points

You were both at the Stevenote on January 27. What was the mood of the crowd? How did Jobs appear?

To the issue at hand: There's lots of commentary out there on the device itself. But is it really good for consumers, and if so, which ones?

How important will Apple's advertising chops be to this product's success? How will they sell it? As "magic?"

Let's look at this from another perspective: Why does Apple need the iPad?

Peter, your belief is that iTunes is the keystone of this product's strategy, I believe. Tell us more.

This is a gated app-store device. Is this the beginning of a sea change in how software is sold?

Let's talk about partners: Google, Microsoft, McGraw-Hill, Verizon

Why so much attention to iWork, you think?

Is it a Netbook killer?

What about its effect on the Kindle? There will be a Kindle app, right? Is that good or bad for Amazon?

Many people were hoping the iPad would be part of a plan by Apple to "save" the media business, but there was no talk of that at the launch. Were those hopes unjustified, or could the iPad still be a vehicle for new business models for newspapers and other print media?

Is it Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive's ultimate vision? What could they possibly do next?

Next week: Google-China with Elinor Mills, Tom Krazit, Declan McCullagh. 1 p.m. PST Friday, February 5, right here. Watch my Twitter feed for updates. Send feedback to roundtable@cnet.com.