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Reporters' Roundtable: The Web meets the TV (podcast)

Today we're discussing the merger of your TV with the Web. In other words: The set-top Internet box. With great guests Avner Ronen, CEO of Boxee; and Christina Warren, who covers this market for Mashable.

Today's show: Internet meets your TV. Or, the elusive set-top Internet box. We're going to talk about how the Web is coming to television, both for video programming and other content. Because, really, we all want to surf Facebook on our TVs, don't we? No? How about Hulu?

Our guests for this show are, first, Boxee CEO Avner Ronen. Boxee is one of the most popular companies out there in this space, as it makes both an Internet TV app as well as, somewhat unusually for an Internet start-up, its own set-top box.

Also joining us is Christina Warren, who covers this market for Mashable. Christina also writes for the AMC Script to Screen blog. Welcome.

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Show notes and talking points

When are we just going to get the Web on our TVs? What is the hold-up?

Let's talk about the ways to bring Web content to the TV

Boxee goes first

Other tools, let's discuss:

At Demo: Glide TV and Hillcrest (Christina)


New TV sets?



Apple TV

Game consoles (Xbox, PS3)

Computers PC or Mac

What's it going to take to make this stuff mainstream?

Now, content

What can you get over the Web, what can you not?

Let's talk about Hulu's what everyone wants, isn't it? Why is it blocked?

Netflix, Amazon video, Studio sites... Disney, CBS, etc.

Role of specific content types, like sports.

Technology: Do we have enough bandwidth?

Is Flash the format or what?

What about 3D

What are the cable carriers doing/going to do?

Can you live w/o a cable subscription?

What's next for Boxee?