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Reporters' Roundtable: The state of blogging

Blogs: What are they good for? Where are they going? We have three experienced guests today to discussing the current and future state of the blogosphere.

Blogs: What are they good for? Where are they going? We have three experienced guests today to discuss. Don't miss this look into the current and future state of the blogosphere.

Our guests:

Anil Dash of Expert Labs, an independent nonprofit which creates new Web technologies to help policy makers in the White House and the rest of the federal government tap into the public's expertise using social networks. Anil was also employee No. 1 at Six Apart, the blogging platform company that makes Movable Type, Typepad, Vox, and that ran LiveJournal for several years. Welcome.

Kourosh Karimkhany, chief operating officer of TPM Media, which runs the influential left-wing blog Talking Points Memo. Kourosh was a vice president at Conde Nast Digital, where he was responsible for acquisitions and investments. He also served as the general manager of

Sachin Agarwal, CEO of the microblogging service Posterous. Like Tumblr, Posterous is a new type of blogging platform, designed to bring blogging to a whole new audience by integrating tightly with e-mail. It is challenging incumbents WordPress, Movable Type, and Google's Blogger.

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Show notes and talking points

Blogging really began to take off in 1999. That's when Evan Williams launched Blogger. What's changed, really, in blogging, since then?

What makes a blog good? Influential?

Discuss politics and blogging. How does one affect the other? Are blogs becoming like talk radio, which is to say, more platform than objective news?

How has Twitter affected blogging? Facebook?

Discuss link bait, "Top 10 cheerleader" posts, etc. Is this the death of quality content? Likewise, discuss the race to be first on blogging, and its impact on quality of reporting and opinion.

Discuss the newer platforms, like Posterous and Tumblr. They're picking up steam. What is the place of the more traditional platforms like WordPress and Movable Type?

Community. How does community make a blog better? Or worse? Is anonymity necessary?

Do blogs make money? How?

Compare a blog's economics to a traditional paper's or magazine's.

If blogs are the new newspapers, what will be the new blogs?

Next time: How to start a tech company in 2010, with This Week in Startups' Jason Calacanis. Don't miss it!

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