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Reporters' Roundtable: 'The Social Network'

The movie about the founding of Facebook has been nearly universally admired, yet you're hard-pressed, when watching it, to actually like any of the characters. Is this the way Facebook actually is? Guests Caroline McCarthy and Alexia Tsotsis discuss.

Against the odds, the movie about the founding of Facebook, "The Social Network," is nearly universally admired. It got a 97 percent on the TomatoMeter at Rotten Tomatoes, and is considered a strong candidate for the Oscars.

But is it accurate? Not just on the facts, but on the spirit and ethos of entrepreneurship in general, and Facebook in particular? That, and related topics, are what we're discussing today, with two great guests.

From CNET News in our New York office, we have Caroline McCarthy, author of our blog about social networking, The Social, and the CNET review of the movie: "'Social Network' weaves a complex Web."

And from TechCrunch, Alexia Tsotsis, who covers Facebook for that site. She wrote, "'The Social Network' And The Rise Of The Terror Nerd."

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Show notes and talking points

Overview of the movie.

It's an unusual film: There are no sympathetic characters. Discuss.

What drives Mark Zuckerberg? Revenge? Money? Creation?

How much of the Harvard ethos is part of Facebook?

Whatever happened to...Winklevosses, Eduardo Saverin, Sean Parker?

There was one VC who was left out and replaced by a fictional character. Who and why?

Accuracy: Events?

Accuracy of financials? Was Facebook really started that cheaply?

Emotional accuracy? Is this is what a start-up is like? Is this what being a CEO is like?

Effect of 'The Social Network' on entrepreneurs? How about the Facebook staff?

Shall we expect a Google movie now?

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