Reporters' Roundtable: The rise of the connected consumer

We're in the middle of a revolution in consumer commerce. We use social networks to get real-time product advice from friends, and mobile devices to scan prices at stores before we buy. How are retailers going to deal with this new consumer come Black Friday? Join our discussion with Brian Solis, author of The End of Business as Usual.

We're in the middle of a revolution in consumer commerce. The connected consumer (all of us) no longer relies on catalogs for prices or salespeople in stores for advice. Now we use our social networks to get advice from friends and friends of friends, and we have access to scanners and price comparison engines on our smartphones that are turning retail stores into showrooms, not necessarily places you go to buy.

There's a smart guy who's been tracking these trends for years, and he's my guest today. Brian Solis is author of The End of Business as Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution.

Brian was on the Roundtable about a year and a half ago discussing social media. Currently, Brian is principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm.

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Discussion points:

Your thesis is that the connected consumer is changing the way commerce is done. Give us an intro to that idea.

We're heading into the holiday buying season. How is it going to be different this year?

Effect of overall down economy.

How do you hire employees to deal with this new consumer?

Are social streams replacing search?

What is the "audience w/in the audience?"

Let's say I've got a product. I made it. You say that brands are no longer created, they're co-created. How does a control freak CEO deal with this?

Is the customer always right? Or just always loud?

Let's talk about check-ins, and what they mean.

What do you think of Klout and other social-network scoring systems?

What's the most important social network? Facebook? Twitter?

Examples of brands that are successfully navigating new consumer space.