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Reporters' Roundtable: The big mess at Yahoo

On the heels of filing a dangerous patent lawsuit against Facebook, Yahoo lays off 2,000 employees. What's up at Yahoo, and can it bounce back? We discuss with Charles Cooper of CNET and Kara Swisher of All Things Digital.

The news of Yahoo has not been good of late. A patent lawsuit against Facebook turned tech commentators against the company. And then Yahoo announced a massive 2,000-person (14 percent) staff layoff.

Is it all part of a new Yahoo strategy? We'd all like to hope so, but new CEO Scott Thompson has not revealed how these moves serve a broader purpose.

Where does Yahoo go from here? Can it bounce back? Can it co-exist with Google, Facebook, and the rest of the Web?

Our guests today are:

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Discussion points

[0:30] Intro video.

[2:00] Guests introduced.

[2:20] Where did Yahoo go wrong? (Kara Swisher)

[3:00] Yahoo's "going showbiz" adventure (Charles Cooper).

[3:45] What happened with Yahoo's founders?

[4:30] What is Yahoo?

[6:00] Where Yahoo is successful today (Kara).

[6:50] Discussing Yahoo's core businesses vs. its outlier products.

[7:45] Why the layoffs were inevitable.

[8:25] Yahoo's core business: Media

[9:00] The "shuffling the deck chairs" discussion.

[10:00] Who is this new CEO, Scott Thompson?

[12:30] Is Yahoo going to get broken up into pieces? Or sold?

[14:10] We discuss the Yahoo/Facebook patent suits. (Wow, bad timing.)

[17:00] Can Yahoo rise again? (Yes, Kara says.)

[18:20] Yahoo's crisis of leadership; the employees deserve better.

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