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Reporters' Roundtable: JOBS Act makes crowdfunding the law

How the JOBS Act will change the rules for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors, with prospectives from guests George Zachary, Chance Barnett, and Tim Rowe.

Crowdfunding is one step from becoming the law of the land. The JOBS Act, which has passed the House and the Senate in slightly different versions, is soon to be voted on again in the House for final approval, before it goes to the President, who has indicated he will sign it. This new law will make it possible for entrepreneurs to raise money from anyone they want to. It will also make it easier for new companies to go public, or to delay going public if they wish.

When JOBS becomes law, the landscape for technology startups will change dramatically. If you want to know how, and why it's happening, and what could go wrong when it does, watch this episode of the Roundtable.

Our guests today are:

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Discussion points

Part 1: George Zachary:
What's the Valley's view of the JOBS Act?

Will this affect how venture capital works

What's your advice for investors who want to play a part in the tech economy

How do investors tell if an investment is safe?

Part 2: Chance Barnett and Tim Rowe:
Crowdfunding: Good news?

Talk about the investment caps.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs?

Let's talk about fraud.

How will investors find out about startups?

What returns can the non-idiot investor expect?

Will there be crowdfund "mutual funds?"

IPOs: Advantages to going public with the new relaxed regulations?

Advantages to waiting?

Why is this to the advantage of the public?

Have we not learned our lessons from 1929 and 2001?

What impact with the JOBS Act have on jobs and employment?

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