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Reporters' Roundtable: Google Glasses you can buy today

Google is working on Project Glass to create a glasses-based heads-up display. I discuss the effort with CNET's Martin LaMonica and the CEO of a company already making such a device.

It is the coolest tech demo we've seen this year: Google's Project Glass, which is an effort to create a glasses-based heads-up display for the real world.

With the Google glasses, you look out a window and get a weather report overlaid on your field of view. Look at a product and get information about it. Look at a bus stop and see when the next bus is arriving. Share photos. And maybe even look at a face and get the name that goes with it. Who wouldn't love that?

If you can't wait for Google to launch its augmented-reality product, I hope you like snow because Recon Instruments makes a heads-up display product just for skiers. Today, I'm talking with two guests about Google Glasses, the Recon products, and personal augmented-reality in general with:

  • Martin LaMonica, senior writer for CNET News
  • Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments

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Discussion points

[0:10] Intro video.

[1:30] Guests introduced.

[2:00] The Project Glass news reviewed.

[3:25] The Recon Instruments products for skiers.

[4:20] What can users process? Let's talk about safety.

[5:15] Is Google's campaign good for the AR business?

[6:00] Martin, are people ready for this? Is the product ready for people?

[7:20] Are these things real yet?

[8:00] A review of the technologies required to make AR glasses work.

[11:00] Was Google testing retinal projection technology?

[12:20] Dan shows us his product for skiers.

[13:45] How does Google get the information necessary to make this idea work.

[15:10] Let's talk about safety and distraction.

[16:20] Are we going to see ads popping up in our field of view?

[17:45] How much does this stuff cost?

[18:50] When will the Google Glasses be available?

[19:50] What else is happening at the Google labs?

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