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Reporters' Roundtable: Getting deep with TiVo

TiVo exec talks about company's strategy to become more than a linear TV recorder; importance of the living room's "second screen"; where the heck is DirecTV TiVo; and more.

This week we're covering TiVo in particular, and the set-top box market in general. I have but one guest today, but you're going to want to pay attention, since it's Jim Denney, the TiVo's VP of product strategy.

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Show notes and talking points

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said that in latter part of this year (2010) we'd see the DirectTV Tivo. Update, please?

Discuss other partnerships: Comcast, RCN, Virgin Cable, etc. Also Best Buy's Insignia deal.

Let's take the broader historical perspective: What happenend? TiVo launched in 1999, and it was a revolutionary concept. There were other products like it, in particular Replay TV, but TiVo won the early DVR battles. And then... not the update we all expected. There are reportedly about 1.5 million TiVo subscribers. With an addressable market hundreds of millions of users, that's a very poor showing. What happened?

Google TV is the purest Web-on-TV product out there. What's TiVo's answer to this model?

Talk about cutting the cord. The TiVo is primarily a linear TV recorder. How does it fit in in the new cable-free, a la carte world?

Cost of TiVo service not inconsequential on top of the hardware itself. Thoughts of lowering?

Your PR people, and your CEO, are pushing the concept of the second screen. Talk about that. Would you like to announce something?

In streaming video, you can't skip ads. On TiVo you can. What does that mean to advertisers, viewers?

Why so long to release TiVo Premiere, and why does it still feel like a Beta (per Molly)?

Competing platforms for Apps. Lessons learned from iPhone and Android app marketplaces?

Relationship with content producers and owners.

What will TiVo look like a year from now?