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Reporters' Roundtable: Biggest tech stories of 2009 (podcast)

This week on the Roundtable, Rafe Needleman talks about the biggest tech stories of 2009 with CNET Editor in Chief Scott Ard and Buzz Out Loud host Tom Merritt.

This week on the Roundtable: The biggest tech stories of 2009! With my boss, CNET Editor in Chief Scott Ard, and Buzz Out Loud host (and my co-conspirator on Real Deal) Tom Merritt.

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Reporters' Roundtable #14: Biggest tech stories of the year


Is this a year of recovery? Wasn't the 2008 meltdown in 08 the biggest factor in 2009?

Let's talk first about technological power shifts

  • Google, Google - Chromes OS, Android
  • Apple App store dominance
  • Windows 7 didn't kill MS
  • MS doesn't buy Yahoo
  • Carriers losing control? Verizon/AT&T fight
  • Smart phones becoming ubiquitous (what's it mean when everyone has a portable, connected device)
  • A&TT/Apple fight?
  • Emergence of streaming (Netflix, Blu-ray players etc.) and how its disrupting media
  • Kindle and e-books in general, threat or savior to print media.
  • Twitter/FB?

Business stories

  • Oracle/Sun
  • Comcast/NBC


  • FCC weights in on Net neutrality
  • Role of EU fights

Sleeper stories:

  • DNS security stories

What will be the big story of 2010??

  • Mobile?
  • Pent up demand of consumers?


Thanks Scott and Tom. Thanks, Benito (producer)

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