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Reporters' Roundtable: Amazon fires new Kindle at Apple

Amazon is going after Apple's tablet business with its $199 Kindle Fire. And Apple is hosting a big iOS press announcement on October 4. How are the companies squaring off? Join Rafe and a panel of CNET experts to discuss.

This week, Amazon launched three new Kindles, including the Fire, the company's first Android-based color tablet. Next week, on October 4, Apple is having a big press announcement to talk iPhone 5, and maybe other stuff. These are two major companies battling it out for the same customer, media sale, and hardware niches. So let's discuss.

Our experts today are all CNET writers on these topics: Donald Bell, David Carnoy, Roger Cheng, and Josh Lowensohn.

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Discussion points
Why does Amazon need its own line of e-book readers as well as Kindle apps on various platforms?

How are consumer behaviors changing (the move to streaming vs. owning) and how does that affect the markets for hardware devices?

Is Amazon's relationship to publishers changing? How does it compare to Apple and the music labels?

Is the Fire a competitor to the iPad?

What happens to the Nook? And to other tablets?

How important is lack of a camera?

How will the Fire announcement impact Apple's October 4 announcement?

What's Apple rolling out on October 4?

How important is pricing for Apple?

Should we expect a low-end iPad? iPhone?

How will Apple expand its market, and fight off Android devices?

What's the future of e-ink? Should Apple do an e-book reader?

Is Bezos the next Jobs?

What do we think about the rumor that Amazon could buy WebOS?

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