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Report: Twitter users tilt negative on iPhone 4S

According to Crimson Hexagon, a social-media analytics firm, negative comments on the iPhone 4S announcement led positive comments by an almost 2-1 margin.

Some of the highlights of Crimson Hexagon study of real-time sentiment for the iPhone 4S on Twitter.
Crimson Hexagon

I got an e-mail this morning from Crimson Hexagon, which describes itself as "a leader in social media analytics" and says it studied the Twittersphere in "real time" to find out how consumers really feel about Apple's iPhone 4S announcement. Not surprisingly, the results of the analysis seem to echo the sentiments of CNET readers.

According to Crimson Hexagon, here are the highlights:

  • 49 percent showed negativity toward the announcement, with 33 percent expressing disappointment that the iPhone 4s was released and not the iPhone 5.
  • 16 percent shared their feelings that Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs and isn't easily replacing him as Apple's CEO.
  • Of the 25 percent expressing positive sentiment, 14 percent were excited about the iPhone 4s and 11 percent plan on purchasing this new device.
As we said, there isn't exactly anything earth-shattering here, but it's nice to get a snapshot breakdown of all that Twitter chatter.

It will be interesting to see if those sentiments shift when Apple actually begins selling the iPhone 4S on October 14 and people get their hands on the device. If nothing else, you should see a big wave of people saying how much zippier they think the 4S is compared to the iPhone 4--and that will probably lead to a rise in the number of people considering buying the device.

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