Report: Teen sells kidney to buy iPad 2

A 17-year-old in China reportedly sells his kidney to an online broker so that he can buy an iPad 2. He reportedly now regrets the transaction.

Sometimes we do things then look back and wonder who we were when we did them.

This appears to be the case with a 17-year-old Chinese boy who reportedly decided that he would not give his right arm for an iPad 2, but he would give his right kidney.

I know, I know. It doesn't seem entirely sensible. On the other hand, you can live quite happily with just one kidney. It's a lot harder with, say, just one foot.

The way the Shanghai Daily tells it, the boy, from Huaishan City, said he couldn't afford an iPad 2 and wanted one rather badly. He said he was contacted by an online broker who told him he could get 22,000 Yuan (just under $3,400) for his kidney.

CC InUseConsulting/Flickr

I'm fairly sure that the iPad 2 doesn't cost $3,400. So presumably the boy has saved a little for his future.

However, the Shanghai Daily reported that when his mother found out that her son had had his right kidney removed at Chenzhou No 198 Hospital, she informed the police.

Worse, the hospital reportedly doesn't have the proper facilities to perform such surgery, which lasts about three hours.

The police are reportedly investigating, while the teen's health is reportedly deteriorating. He now seems to be expressing regret.

One can only wish that he at least makes a full recovery and that, somehow and at some time, he can put into perspective the slightly extreme nature of this transaction.