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Report: Sony PS3 may offer Hulu service

A paid version of Hulu could be offered on the Sony PS3, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Hulu's paid subscription service may be offered on Sony's PlayStation 3 game console, according to a published report.

Jason Kilar, Hulu CEO Greg Sandoval/CNET

Sony and Hulu are close to an agreement, and a deal could be announced as soon as next week, the wire service Bloomberg reported Friday.

Hulu is playing catchup with Netflix, which long ago bridged the gap between the Internet and the living room. Netflix is offered on a host of set-top boxes and Web-enabled TV sets, a list that includes the Roku box, Sony's PS3, Microsoft's Xbox 360, TiVo DVRs, and Blu-ray players from LG and Samsung.

Netflix may have jumped out to an early lead, but Hulu has the right backers: NBC Universal, Disney (the parent company of ABC), and News Corp. (parent of 20th Century Fox). In addition, recent reports from multiple publications indicate that Hulu may sign a licensing deal to obtain TV content from Viacom (home of MTV and Comedy Central), CBS (parent company of CNET), and Time Warner.

When it comes to offering full-length premium TV shows, Hulu has shown it can hold its own with any service out there.

Representatives for Sony and Hulu were not immediately available.

According to Bloomberg, PS3 owners who have signed up for the console's Web service, the PlayStation Network, would have the option of subscribing to a Hulu on-demand offering. This would give them "access to current and past seasons of prime-time TV shows from NBC, Fox, and ABC," Bloomberg's sources said.

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