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Report: Police examine Weiner's tweeting with 17-year-old

In the ongoing and ever-murkier saga of Rep. Anthony Weiner and his social networking, police are reportedly probing into his Twitter correspondence with a 17-year-old.

The saga of Rep. Anthony Weiner's social networking turns another page.

The New York Times reports that the Democratic representative from New York has admitted that as part of what seems like an extensive series of correspondences with a number of women, he sent at least five private messages to a 17-year-old girl in Delaware.

The Twitter exchange reportedly came shortly after the teen was part of a high school trip to Washington and heard Weiner speak.

Both Weiner's representative and the girl's family have reportedly said that the tweeting was in no way suggestive.

However, police reportedly requested--a request that was granted--that the girl's mother give them access to her phone and her computer so that they can ascertain whether any criminal activity occurred.

One of Weiner's last tweets. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The Times posted details of the exchanges between Weiner and the girl, which seemed to involve not merely Twitter but also Tumblr, where Weiner reportedly said of himself to the teen: "I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape."

Weiner first had the nature of some of his Twitter correspondence exposed when he admitted sending a picture of his bottom half in gray underpants to a college student in Seattle.

The married politico subsequently admitted to half a dozen somewhat inappropriate digital relationships, after which a more intimate picture, allegedly of him, was accidentally (or not) revealed during the Opie and Anthony radio show.

Once a prolific tweeter, Weiner has not posted anything to Twitter since June 1.

His last post? "On with Rachel tonight. Gonna talk about Trump eating pizza with a fork! #DudeYoureANewYorker!"