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Report: Justin Timberlake invests in weird start-up

Having invested in MySpace, Justin Timberlake reportedly now also enjoys a piece of Dekko, a stealthy start-up that supposedly brings the online and real worlds together. Whatever that might mean.

Perhaps one way for a tech company to garner a little attention is to sidle up to Justin Timberlake.

However, until the new face of MySpace officially stands up and declares that he has a company's sexy back, one must retain one healthily raised eyebrow.

I have no reason to disbelieve a Business Insider report that the fine singer, actor, and golfer has invested in a stealthy start-up called Dekko.

I have every reason to believe, though, that the person who wrote the copy on Dekko's Web site might have done so after a very late and difficult night in Cancun.

CC Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

For this company is, apparently, "pulling back the curtain that separates the online world from the real world." I wasn't aware there was a curtain. I had come to think that the online world was the only real one.

No matter, the corporate promises don't stop there. Dekko swears that "we will see and interact with characters from parallel universes walking amongst us."

Might this be some subtle comment on the parallel universe of the multimillionaire singer-actor-golfer?

The Web site doesn't let you ponder this intriguing question for very long, as it immediately stuns you with the news that Dekko will make mobile, social, and local services "fun." Yes, finally. Fun.

Is this not enough to make you rush to your online bank account to bring your online and real worlds together by investing in Dekko? Well, this sentence most certainly will make such an action inevitable: "We believe a picture paints a thousand words, that what we see we remember, but when we do we understand."

After you remember those few words, please let me know if you understand them.

Dekko concludes, in its mysterious self-definition, by telling you it will "change the way you look at the world."

It has already changed the way I look at the English language, so I will wait, scarcely able to emit breath, to see what Dekko--and Timberlake--might be bringing into our midst.