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Report: Harrison Ford signs on to play Han Solo

Entertainment news scooping source Latino Review declares that Harrison Ford's reprisal of his "Star Wars" Han Solo role is a done deal.

Han Solo
Harrison Ford strikes back?

The original "Star Wars" trilogy would have lost a lot of its luster if it didn't have Harrison Ford running around playing the roguish bad boy/good guy Han Solo. If a scoop from movie and pop culture site Latino Review is true, Ford will soon get another shot at running around the galaxy.

Latino Review, citing "legitimate sources," unveiled an exclusive scoop saying that Ford's signing for "Star Wars: Episode VII" is a done deal. This could be dismissed as just another rumor, but Latino Review has a pretty decent track record for breaking this sort of entertainment news.

Ford has already shown a willingness to revisit roles that made him famous as a younger actor. The most recent Indiana Jones film came out in 2008. He's taken a longer break from "Star Wars," but has already expressed interest in revisiting the role.

Ford is now 70, so we can probably assume the next move won't pick up immediately after "Episode VI" left off. I can't see Han Solo sitting around quietly playing space bingo in a retirement home.

This leaves us waiting for official confirmation or denial of Ford's role in the new movie. If it's true, it could be a small cameo or a significant role. It's enough to leave many "Star Wars" fans with sweet dreams considering the possibilities. If Ford signs on, what's to stop Carrie Fisher or Mark Hamill from joining up, too?

As a fan of the first trilogy, I have to confess that the thought of an original cast reunion gets me pretty excited. I'm rooting for the Ford rumor to be real.

(Via Ain't It Cool News)