Report: Entertainment blog network Jossip is for sale

It's no Gawker or Perez Hilton, but somebody might still want it. New York Post reports that Jossip editor David Hauslaib may be trying to sell his company.

The New York Post's Keith Kelly reported on Thursday that Jossip, a small New York-based blog network that operates a number of media- and entertainment-focused titles, is up for sale.

Kelly wrote that Jossip has hired investment bank Sperry, Mitchell, & Co. to explore potential buyer interest, though he cited a "wild rumor" that media giant Conde Nast may already be interested.

The blogs in Jossip's network include the eponymous Jossip, a New York-focused media and entertainment gossip blog; the Los Angeles-centric celebrity rag Mollygood; gay lifestyle title Queerty; and African-American culture blog Stereohyped.

It's not clear what kind of value Jossip would have to a buyer. The network's central blog has indeed broken notable stories--such as CBS Interactive's acquisition of Wallstrip. But it's still much smaller than chief rival Gawker, and the Jossip network is tiny, compared to Gawker Media, which operates more than a dozen titles, including some blogospheric titans like Gizmodo. Plus, the celebrity blog market is just about totally clogged.

The Post's Kelly reported that Jossip "is believed to be making money" but that founder and editor David Hauslaib suggested that he would rather pursue a joint venture or minority investment than an outright acquisition.

So for the time being, this bit of Jossip is...gossip.