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Report: Chorus' top iPhone apps in December

EnvIO Networks' Top 10 free and paid iPhone apps for December are out. These all come from the company's Chorus app, which acts as a layer on top of Apple's own App Store.

EnvIO Networks has just released the latest batch of usage statistics from its iPhone app Chorus. The app, which launched in November, acts as a social network for Apple's App Store. It lets users share what apps they're buying, as well as recommend purchases to others--two things Apple's own store does not offer.

According to the company, Chorus users have invited an average of 75 friends. The numbers below are based on "tens of thousands of user interactions and download attempts" from the month of December.

Note: All links open up in iTunes

Top 10 Most Recommended Apps Among Chorus Community December 2009:

  1. IMDb
  3. Dragon Dictation
  4. AT&T Mark the Spot
  5. Redbox
  6. Bing
  7. Fring
  8. Ustream Live Broadcaster
  9. Background Check App
  10. Order Pizza

Top 10 Free Apps for December 2009 based on buy attempts:

  1. IMDb
  3. AT&T Mark the Spot
  4. Background Check App
  5. Dragon Dictation
  6. Order Pizza
  7. Redbox
  8. Bing
  9. Ustream Live Broadcaster
  10. Fring

Top 10 Paid Apps for December 2009 based on buy attempts:

  1. DropZap ($.99)
  2. Santa's Run ($.99)
  3. 1Password Pro ($7.99)
  4. Garters & Ghouls ($2.99)
  5. AppButler - App Organizer ($.99)
  6. Pig Rush ($.99)
  7. WhatsApp Messenger ($.99)
  8. MobileRSS for Google RSS Reader ($3.99)
  9. iBALLS:STEEL ($.99)
  10. Park'n Find ($.99)

The one big takeaway here is that Chorus crowd is more work-focused compared with what tends to make it to the top of Apple's own top paid and free lists. The only games in all three lists are DropZap, Santa's Run, Garters & Ghouls, Pig Rush, and iBALLS:STEEL--all five of which are in the top paid apps list. The rest are all utilities.

As mentioned in our initial coverage of Chorus, envIO Networks eventually plans to roll out a Web-based version of Chorus that will let users view trending apps and recommendations from outside of the App Store. This could make a big impact on the number of people who are using the service, and how well it does at tracking purchases made through the desktop version of iTunes or from outgoing iTunes store links.