Report: Asus bringing 'whole-day' battery life to Eee PC

DigiTimes reports on rumored updates coming to the Asus Eee PC.


It's been a slow week in Eee PC news--it's Friday and Crave has seen only one post thus far--so let us quickly share information from a report on DigiTimes today. According to the report, Asus expects to bring "whole-day" battery life and Internet storage to its Netbook by the end of the year. I'm not sure what a whole day's worth of online storage amounts to, but presumably it's more than the 20GB you get now with the solid-state hard drive in the Eee PC 1000.

The report doesn't specify how many hours make up a whole-day's worth of battery life (12 hours? 24 hours?). It must be more than 8 hours, which is the outside estimate Asus claims the six-cell battery will last its Eee PC 1000. (With an SSD drive, the Eee PC 901 ran for 5 hours 15 minutes in CNET Labs.)

Lastly, despite Asus rapidly introducing 7-, 9-, and 10-inch Eee PC models, the DigiTimes reports that "the company will also push out software and hardware upgrades every month to fill gaps in the Netbook market."

I have a message in to Asus, asking for comment on this rather vague DigiTimes article.