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Report: Apple paying 15 percent refund on broken 27-inch iMacs

Customers with cracked, tinted, or yellowed iMac displays say Apple is giving a cash reward for their trouble.

For those who've had repeated problems with their 27-inch iMac, it appears Apple is ready to make it up to you, somewhat.

Gizmodo is reporting several readers who've been given a 15 percent cash refund for having to return a broken 27-inch iMac. It's been widely reported that customers have complained of receiving 27-inch iMacs with cracked, flickering, or yellow-tinted screens. But Apple has yet to comment on the record about the problem, so roughly $300 (assuming it's a $2,000 model) given to customers certainly comes across like an acknowledgment or even an apology for their trouble.

Gizmodo also says that readers in the U.S. who've been given the refund have been people who've had multiple problems with their iMac, so it's unclear if it's a new policy for everyone with a faulty iMac or just those who've had multiple run-ins with Mac customer support.

Update: Apple did make reference to problems with iMacs in a Wall Street Journal story on Tuesday. A company spokesman told the WSJ that production of the iMac has continued "while the company fixed the problems with flickering screens and yellow-tinted displays."