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Report: A Kindle for college kids?

An analyst says he's heard from Amazon that it sees promise in marketing the e-book reader to students. Plus: new models ahead.

Amid reports that Amazon is working on new models of its e-book reader, the Kindle, one analyst says the online titan has an academic spin in mind.

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader
Amazon's Kindle e-book reader

Amazon sees a chance to cash in by marketing the Kindle to college students, according to McAdams Wright Ragen analyst Tim Bueneman, by way of reporter Andrea James.

A collegiate version could be just one of a number of potential Kindles-to-be, apparently. "There are already several new, improved versions of the Kindle in the works," Bueneman wrote in a note Friday, per James.

In July, the site Crunchgear reported that two new Kindles were in the offing: One would have the same dimensions as the existing device, along with an improved interface, and could arrive this fall, while the second would be larger and would come next year. The current 10-ounce Kindle, priced at $359, measures 7.5 inches tall by 5.3 inches wide and 0.7 inch deep.

Bueneman reported that one new version could well feature "improved interface operating controls. This has been an issue with some buyers."

Amazon reportedly is also downplaying some "extremely high estimates" on Kindle sales, according to Bueneman. The company is apparently referring to the likes of CitiGroup analyst Mark Mahaney, who earlier this month upped his estimate and pegged the Kindle to sell about 380,000 units in 2008. Mahaney said the Amazon gadget could be one of the hottest gifts of holiday season.