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Repeat: Daddy's DVD player is not a toy

Amadana's bamboo-clad treasure isn't for kids

A lot of portable DVD players look like they were made for kids--probably because they were. With DVD drives standard in so many laptops these days, adults have fewer reasons than ever to lug around a separate player.

Bamboo DVD player

But for those special occasions when you actually want to leave your computer at home (gasp) and don't plan on watching Spongebob or Dora, this player from Amadana may be just the ticket. It reminds us of a gutted and renovated San Francisco Victorian: Inside its beautiful bamboo exterior all the modern amenities you need. It has a 10-inch LCD, flat-touch controls, Dolby sound and an SD memory slot, as well as a leather carrying case in your choice of four colors.

And at $1,200, you won't want to let your kids get their sticky little mitts on this treasure.

(Photo: RealFleet)