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Repeat after us: Your gadget is not a pet

Would you have a case made out of Fido's fur?

VIP Fibers

Upon learning what an outfit called VIP Fibers does, we weren't sure whether to laugh, cry, or get totally grossed out.

The Texas-based service will make cases for cell phones, MP3 players, and just about anything else out of--get this--your pet's fur. All you need to do is send off those hairballs you've been saving up, and VIP Fibers will knit them into a "lovely pouch," according to GeekSugar. We have nothing against pets, of course, but still find this disturbing on a number of levels.

Even though it involves living beings (we hope), this ranks high on the creepy scale alongside the "LifeGem" diamond created from the carbon of deceased loved ones and, worst of all, the "Breath Capture," which offers a novel way to "capture the breath of a loved one or friend and keep them close." But we don't think the latter would be terribly popular for pets--especially dogs.