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Renaissance redux: Michelangelo meets Mario

Polish artist Kordian Lewandowski has remade a famous Renaissance sculpture using Nintendo characters.

Kordian Lewandowski

You're not going to see Kordian Lewandowski's "Game Over" displayed in St. Peter's Basilica anytime soon, but that doesn't mean it can't count as a classic work of art in its own right.

The original La Pieta. Click for a larger image. Wikimedia Commons

The Polish artist has cleverly reimagined Michelangelo's dramatic sculpture La Pieta with a video game twist--instead of a grieving Mary cradling the body of Jesus, it's Princess Peach holding a dying Mario.

It's not exactly an expected effect, but with the princess' downcast eyes and poor Mario's limp body, Game Over somehow manages to evoke some of the same tragedy conveyed by the marble original from 1499 (especially for anyone who has spent significant time with Nintendo's iconic plumber on their screen). Mass-produce it in cast iron, and who knows where it might end up?

Lewandowski created Game Over as part of his thesis devoted to electronic games. He carved his sculpture from polystyrene foam starting with a chainsaw (here we go!) and working his way up to more precise tools as he progressed.

We can't help but imagine a whole series of modern Michelangelo works. Which video game character should stand in as David?

(Via designboom)