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Remember the YouTube piano? Meet its sibling

As a follow-up to the YouTube piano project, its creators have introduced a new toy that makes use of YouTube's deep-linked annotations feature: a working radio.

Longtime readers might remember the YouTube piano, an ingenious use of YouTube's deep-linking feature that turned a video with various keys on it into a working piano. This week its creators are introducing a follow-up that's slightly less interactive, but just as amusing, called YouTube radio.

Its function is to emulate an old radio with a tuning dial. Users can switch between the eight stations, which include pop, jazz, rock, and even one for cats (no, seriously). Each of these has been composed by musician Adam Ben Ezra, who was one of the co-creators of the piano project. There's even a second or two of static at the beginning of each station to simulate the sound of changing signals, giving the whole thing a more organic feel.

As a follow-up, creator Guy Dayan says he's working on more of these videos with deep-linked annotations that will serve as visual menus for various YouTube music playlists.

If you want to give the radio a spin, you can do so below:

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