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'Remember Ring' concept heats up for anniversaries

Never forget another anniversary with a ring that warms up to 120 degrees to get your attention while buying you time to plan the celebration.

Remember Ring
The Remember Ring is just a concept at this point.
Alaska Jewelry

A forgotten anniversary can add a lot of friction to a relationship. Apparently, setting a calendar alert is just too much effort for some people. Those same people might need a Remember Ring, a concept ring from Alaska Jewelry that heats up as an anniversary approaches.

The ring is designed to give a 24-hour heads-up notice about the impending anniversary. It does this by heating up to 120 degrees, enough to be noticeable, but not enough to make you scream.

So as not to turn your finger into a rotisserie, the ring only goes off for 10 seconds at a time, but it goes off every hour until your anniversary starts. According to Alaska Jewelry, the ring is powered by a micro thermopile that converts the heat from your hand into electricity. You give the company your anniversary date, and it will be programmed into the ring.

Keep in mind that this is coming from the same jewelers who created the $6,264 rotating Hypnotic Engagement Ring. Though the Remember Ring is a concept, the product description still includes glowing raves from people who are supposedly wearing the rings. Imaginary people, I suppose.

The Remember Ring is available for preorder for $760, though there is no ship date mentioned. It's certainly an entertaining idea, but what we really need is a "Lord of the Rings" One Ring done up with a heating device. That would be way cooler (or hotter).

(Via PSFK)