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Relive that brutal 'Walking Dead' season 7 scene in Lego

Still upset over you-know-who dying in the new season premiere of "The Walking Dead?" Ease your pain -- or maybe make it worse -- with this Lego re-enactment.

Warning: Spoilers from season 7 of "The Walking Dead" below. Read at your own risk.

Nothing can take away the pain of seeing your favorite TV character die a barbaric death. But you can appreciate the character's untimely demise with a Lego stop-motion movie tribute.

In the season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead" on AMC, the walkers weren't half as evil as the humans.

This YouTube video, posted on October 27 by kristo499, is an animated re-creation of the scene in which Negan so savagely murders Abraham and then Glenn.

This Lego fan tribute truly captures the gore from last Sunday's episode, titled "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be."

Using the same audio track with screams, bat thuds and unforgettable dialog, these Lego minifigs look justifiably horrified. I'm pretty sure I looked just as terrified watching this YouTube video.

"This video took forever to make!" kristo499 wrote on the YouTube page. Thank you for the Lego nightmares, kristo499.